Ty Landrum - Taller en Gong

26 - 28 April, 2024

Tasting the Poison with Ty Landrum

In this weekend intensive, we explore the simple but potent techniques that bring this practice alive.

Ty Landrum - Taller en Gong

In the practice of yoga, we work with opposing forces of breath. We gather them lightly into the base of the pelvis and we draw them upward along the spine. As the breath ascends, it touches psychical tangles that limit our experience, releasing old fragments of memory into the space of our minds, and inviting us to hold them with loving awareness. Through this practice, we connect to our noble nature and we expose ourselves to the possibility of insight.

In this weekend intensive, we explore the simple but potent techniques that bring this practice alive — tracing internal currents of breath, balancing patterns of sensation, and moving our bodies from the inside. Most pointedly, we learn to work more intelligently with our subtle breath, so it can help us unravel us from the inside


FRIDAY, April 26th (18:00-20:00)


This talk will explore the role of the five pranas in the process of deep breathing. It will explain how to work with each of these pranas, in concert, to invite deep psychical release. This traditional yogic teaching will give you a whole new perspective on the internal dynamics of vinyasa yoga.

SATURDAY, April 27th (9:00 - 15:30)

VINYASA (9:00-11:00)

This vinyasa class will focus on the integration of the five pranas, continuing our exploration from Friday night. The idea is to establish a steady and rhythmic flow of breath that lifts the energy from the ground up, leaving us feeling exhilarated and refreshed. This will be a dynamic practice, full of challenges, but open to all. We will do this practice together, breathing together, and focusing together, as one living organism.

SPINAL WAVES (11:30-13:00)

As the apanic force is lifted from the pelvis to the heart, the pranic force expands into its natural fullness, and this movement creates a distinctive undulating pattern through the spine. In this session, we learn to follow that pattern through asanas of all kinds, including standing postures, folds, twists, and backbends. By working with this pattern, we imbue our asana practices with greater depth and vibrancy. This session will involve some light and accessible asana practice, together with subtle body visualization.


Standing postures have a secret life, a secret inwardness, a secret drama that is easy to miss. They can seem simple and accessible when we first learn them, but as we feel into them with closer attention, they start to reveal an unfathomable depth. Each standing posture is a unique stage for the dynamic interplay of prana and apana, and when we learn to direct those subtle forces into one another, using the structure of the postural form, their drama begins to unfold. In this session, we learn to balance prana and apana within the standing postures of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.

SUNDAY, April 28th (9:00 - 15:30)

VINYASA (9:00-11:00)

This vinyasa practice will give more emphasis to the spine. Using what we learned on Saturday afternoon, we will explore the possibility of going deep into backbends that feel amazing, and that encourage our creative currents to flow. This will be a dynamic practice, full of challenges, but open to all. We will do this practice together, moving together and breathing together, into the space of our hearts.

BACKBENDING (11:30-13:00)

The practice of backbending is about making ourselves vulnerable, while finding the internal support to handle that vulnerability with elegance and grace. When we connect to internal support, backbending becomes an exhilarating experience, and one that encourages deep psychical release. In this session, we learn to work intelligently with the diaphragm, the psoas, the pelvic girdle and the obliques to create a long and supple spine that can reach gracefully into these difficult forms. This session is open to practitioners of all levels.


Pranayama is the practice of giving space to the breath, and contemplating the energy that gives us life. This session will teach you a simple but potent pranayama sequence that you can practice on your own, a practice that can completely transform your experience of breathing. The session will end with a deep, embodied form of meditation.

Ty Landrum

Ty Landrum is an author, poet, and international exponent of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. With a PhD in Philosophy, he has a rare talent for explaining the theory of yoga, not just with words, but on the canvas of the breathing body. His passion as a teacher is to share the brilliance of yoga with anyone who wants to learn.

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