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23 Abr 2022 9:14 - 24 Abr 2022 9:14


GONG Chamberí

Paseo Martinez Campos 24


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    • 23 April 2022
    • 10:30 Working with the Nervous System10:30 - 13:30Have you ever wondered why you can work on something — flexibility, strength, or balance — for months or even years and still struggle? If your hard work ISN’T paying off, and you’ve done all the drills to get your split, hold your plank, or not wobble in every balance, then it’s probably nothing to do with your muscles. Your brain might not be fired up in the right areas that allow for these intricacies of movement. In this workshop, we’ll touch on some of the areas of the brain responsible for different types of movement, and the things you can do to light them up! If it sounds super complex, don’t worry — 3 hours isn’t enough time to get into the complexities! We’ll have fun and get our minds blown with some easy concepts you can take into your practice well after the workshop ends. Expect some discussion, playing with drills, and a short movement flow to incorporate these drills.

    • 16:00 Get Flexible! How and Why to Incorporate Neural Flossing into your Yoga Practice16:00 - 18:00Neural flossing is a term for stretching nerves. Your nerves stretch just like your muscles -- of course! Otherwise we'd be very, very stiff creatures. But sometimes some nerves can become irritated or compressed due to a number of different factors, and this results in pain, reduced mobility, and loss of coordination in areas of the body. In this workshop we will get to know some of the main nerves that traverse our bodies, the areas that they innervate, and how to floss these nerves. This means doing some very unusual looking movements, which will hopefully bring lots of laughter and smiles! Finally we will explore how to easily add these movements to typical yoga postures so that we can get our neural flossing in while on our yoga mats.

    • 23 April 2022
    • 10:30 Off The Wall10:30 - 13:30This workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn how to handstand away from the wall. Using the wall for inversions is a wonderful way to increase strength and learn techniques for your inversions, but sometimes we get stuck there! In this workshop we will look specifically at how to face your fears and improve your technique for becoming independent in your inversions and not rely on the wall. By delving into the reasons we become dependent on the wall, and teaching our brain that being upside-down is totally cool, we will establish a foundation of physical balance and inner trust in ourselves to take our inversions to the middle of the room!

    • 16:00 Get More Hangtime16:00 - 18:00So you can handstand... kind of. You’re getting up there, but it’s shaky and wobbly and you still fall out of it a lot. In this workshop we will look at why you’re not getting more hang time, and learn techniques for taking control of your movement! By incorporating drills and techniques into typical yoga postures and transitions, you’ll build the strength and control as you flow through your vinyasas and warriors. Get ready to have lots of fun with transitioning, pressing, and floating in and out of your handstands!


Workshops: 130€ 2 workshops. Full: 240€ Early bird: 10% discount before April 1st.

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Adell Bridges is an international yoga teacher, health coach, and
author who grew up in Mississippi, moved to the UK, and after a few
years of wandering aimlessly through life, found yoga. She spent two
years travelling as a nomad around the world teaching yoga, and
continuing her training in various areas of mindfulness and
movement. Adell is a self-proclaimed geek, and applies her degree in
psychology with her training in the neurology of movement to her
yoga and movement teachings. She now splits her time between
London and Florida, and shares her love for the power of mindful
movement to her online community on

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